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Jan 1

Wrestling Network in Numbers


7,771,649 Hits in 2013

1,232,556 Visits in 2013

Most people online: 17,762 on April 7 at 7pm ET

Best Month: December

1,137,269 Hits in December 2013

254,394 Visits in December 2013

Best day of the year: April 8 with 76,719 visits (GMT +2 Timezone)

Most watched live event of the year: WWE WrestleMania 29 PPV

Most watched replay of the year: WWE WrestleMania 29 PPV

Top 15 Countries in 2013 by number of visits:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. Romania
5. India
6. Canada
7. France
8. Italy
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Australia
11. United Arab Emirates
12. Netherlands
13. Turkey
14. Poland
15. Malaysia

Top 15 Cities in 2013 by number of visits:

1. London
2. Bucharest
3. New York
4. Riyadh
5. Toronto
6. Dubai
7. Singapore
8. Athens
9. Sydney
10. Chennai
11. Jeddah
12. Hyderabad
13. Dublin
14. Bangalore
15. Birmingham

Our users age*:

under 18: 19%
18-24: 21%
25-34: 26%
35-44: 15%
45-54: 12%
55-64: 4%
over 65: 3%

Our users gender*:

Male: 75%
Female: 25%

*These are estimated data by the Quantcast Corporation and Alexa Internet Inc. It is impossible to know the exact age or gender of every user.

Top 10 browsers:

1. Chrome 51.88%
2. Firefox 18.37%
3. Safari 11.18%
4. Internet Explorer 8.27%
5. Android Browser 4.16%
6. Opera 2.32%
7. Mozilla 0.71%
8. Safari (in-app) 0.68%
9. Playstation 3 0.57%
10. Opera Mini 0.53%

We recommend using Google Chrome as browser because of its HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. Plus, all the website features and designs are made and tested on Google Chrome.

Top 10 Operating Systems (by visits):

1. Windows  - 77.05%
2. iOS - 7.59%
3. Android -  6.18%
4. Macintosh - 6.05%
5. Linux - 0.93%
6. Playstation 3 - 0.57%
7. Unknown 0.53%
8. Windows Phone 0.18%
9. Xbox 0.16%
10. BlackBerry - 0.15%

We streamed 52 episodes of WWE RAW Live (or taped), and 12 WWE Live Pay-Per-Views.

In total, we streamed over 1000 hours of live content (Including UFC, WWE, TNA, TV Shows, Football and others).

Jan 1

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DVR Support

We now have Live DVR support :) What does that mean? It means that you can pause the livestream and then resume from where you left off. If for example you come to our live page 20 min. after RAW started, you can rewind the live stream to watch the moments you missed.

The DVR will be available only for RAW LIVE and for all VIP events.

The player will only work if you have Microsoft Silverlight installed and you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows, or Safari or Mozilla Firefox on MAC.

Download Microsoft Silverlight

WWE will shop their shows for the first time!


With the TV business obsessed with live programming, WWE finds itself in strong position to negotiate all of its shows for the first time. So far WWE created shows for NBC Universal or sell the TV rights to them since they work close and choose to remain loyal to their partner, showing their flagship show “Monday Night RAW” on USA Network from 1993 to 2000 and again from 2005 until now.

If USA Network wants to retain it’s biggest hit, it’s gonna have to pay a lot of money.

Next month, for the first time, WWE will shop the rights to “Raw” and all of its shows at the same time — a list of weekly series that includes Syfy’s “Friday Night SmackDown,” “Main Event” on ION Television, the CW’s “Saturday Morning Slam” and reality show “Total Divas” on E!

The goal is to significantly increase the $139.5 million in TV licensing fees WWE earns each year for its shows, and attempt to get closer to the rich network deals that sports organizations like the NBA, NHL or NASCAR get.

In the past, deals for WWE’s series were brokered individually on a staggered timeline, usually every three to four years or so. But WWE has spent nearly two years quietly lining up rights to expire simultaneously in an effort to secure higher fees and appease shareholders who have grown increasingly frustrated that the company’s TV deals are not worth more at a time when live “event” programming is more valuable than ever.

WWE would like to partner with a conglomerate that owns a variety of channels the way NBCU currently airs many of WWE’s shows. Along with “Raw,” “SmackDown” and “Total Divas,” specials like “Tribute to the Troops” and a shortened version of its annual “WrestleMania” pay-per-view also air on NBC.

In the upcoming weeks WWE will held meetings with various network that own a variety of channels hungry for programming, including A&E, Disney, Viacom, 21st Century Fox and Discovery.

Negotiations and bids can’t take place until Feb. 15, when NBCU accepts or rejects WWE’s final offer; other bids are due Feb. 28, with WWE set to select its media partners by March 4. Should a new deal with another conglom happen, WWE’s shows wouldn’t move to a new network until October.

Yet even as WWE makes the rounds of media congloms, industry insiders say they believe there is no way that NBCUniversal will loosen its grip on WWE. “Monday Night Raw” is a huge contributor to USA’s bottom line and weekly ratings stats; without “Raw” on its schedule, USA Network would drop from first place to as low as No. 4 among basic entertainment networks, costing the company premium advertising dollars. Syfy would also lose a sizable audience without “SmackDown,” which has raised viewership by 35% for the network. “Divas” is a hit for E! but has perhaps has benefitted WWE more, given that it’s helped the company attract more women, which currently make up around 35% of its audience.

WWE’s pay-per-views, including annual juggernauts “WrestleMania” and “SummerSlam” won’t be part of the negotiations, since those will air on the company’s new subscription-based WWE Network, which will also include original series and access to the company’s VOD library. Launch plans for the channel, which WWE sees as its own NFL Network, have yet to be revealed. However, WWE maintains that it could break even on the venture if it can sign up 800,000 to 1 million subscribers willing to pay around $10 to $14 per month.

“WWE is a proven ratings juggernaut, making USA Network No. 1 for the past eight years and delivering more average viewers than every sports property, with the exception of the NFL,” said WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon in a statement to Variety. “Given the increasing demand for live, DVR-proof content, we believe the market will value our programming significantly above where we’ve been in the past.”

In the end, what does that mean for us, the fans? It means that in December 2014 we might watch WWE’s shows on channels like Lifetime, TLC, MTV, Spike, FOX, TV Land, FX, Velocity, ABC, ABC Family, ESPN or Disney XD, and SmackDown could be broadcast LIVE.

WWE is also working on their UK and Middle East deals right now, but that’s a totally different negotiation.

Sources: Wrestlezone and Variety 

We are everywhere!

Yes, it’s true:









Pretty cool, huh? :D

Nov 6

Wrestling Network in TOP 500 Romania

Wrestling-Network.Net is number 467 Most Visited Website from Romania and 39 Most Visited Entertainment Website from Romania, beating websites from major television channels* such as MTV Romania, Pro Cinema, Dolce Sport, Antena1, PrimaTV, Discovery Channel, Euforia, TVR, radio channels like KissFM, RadioZU, Radio21 or EuropaFM and others like Carrefour, Lidl, Real, CreativeMonkeyz, PeTeava.ro, Best Music, Allview, Kappa.ro, Go4IT, and many more.

Even though our website is international, it was founded here so we like to consider it as a Romanian Website :)

*Acording to statistics from October 2013 from Google Analytics, Trafic.ro and Internet Audience and Traffic Study (SATI Romania)

Sep 7

WN is looking for staff

Wrestling-Network.Net is looking for support staff. What do you need to do? You will take care of the live support (that’s for premium users) during and before a wwe ppv, respond to emails, and manage the chat. You don’t need to do everything at once, but just to have an idea what support means. For this job you need basic IT knowledge.

How much will you get paid? Nothing, this is for free, but, you will get free access to premium hd streams, moderator on the english or romanian chat, admin on our facebook page and maybe access to our email.

If you do get accepted you will need a facebook account or a skype id so we can chat quicker.

What you don’t get access to is our admin panel on wrestling-network.net and our paypal account, but if you need to access informations about a user you can ask an admin. There are 4 admins who have access to the admin panel and 3 who have access to paypal. There are 99% chances to find one of the 4 admins online at anytime.


Watch the Mid-Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Season 5, followed by a new episode of WWE Total Divas! It starts Tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT / 1am GMT / 2am UK / 4am RO, on Channel 1 [HD]


Watch the Mid-Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Season 5, followed by a new episode of WWE Total Divas! It starts Tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT / 1am GMT / 2am UK / 4am RO, on Channel 1 [HD]


About the recent downtime

This last Friday we got into a little “legal” issue. Because it was weekend and stuff runs slower, we had to remove everything until the problem was fixed, including the replay of #WWE #SmackDown and the live page. It’s Monday 01:37am now and everything should be fine. However, this might happen again this week because we are moving the servers for #SummerSlam, but the downtime should be less than 3 hours and it will happen Wednesday or Thursday morning.


Suits: Season 3, Episode 3 “Unfinished Business” (Air date: 30 July 2013)

Cameron Dennis strikes back at Harvey by arresting one of his clients for murder. Katrina Bennett tries to win over Louis, who’s still smarting from his rejection by Mike; and a British version of Harvey arrives to stir things up at the firm.

Watch Suits Online: Season 3, Episode 3 “Unfinished Business”